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The Alpha Tiny House Kit Site!

The Advantages of Our Product:

  1. Our Tiny House frame is steel, so there is no fire risk, no termite risk, and no mold, and it should last a long time. You can even put whatever type of finish on it that you want.
  2. It is mobile, and it is light (weighs less than 3000 Lb.
  3. It's adaptable to any code, whether it's RV code, Mobile Home code or Uniform Construction code.
  4. Electric, propane, Solar, it's any energy source ready.
  5. affordable, you can get the frame and trailer for around $10K, and make whatever additions you want to it. You can put the windows where you want, etc.
  6. Sturdy, it will last forever
  7. The design is 100% customizable  and ready to pick up.
  8. You can personalize it with any kind of sidings: stucco, wood, tile, metal, rocks, grass, paint, etc.
  9. There is financing available for you if you need it.

Some Purposes:

  1. It's ideal for off-the-gird living.
  2. You can easily add living quarters to your property for guest/grown kids house
  3. You can also put on your property (or anywhere) and rent it out with airbnb.
  4.  Great for desert, snow, or any remote living
  5. so much more, you tell us!