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How The Process Works

So, Congratulations, you just bought yourself a big piece of your dream. You just both an ALPHA Tiny House KIT. (Which during fabrication basically looks just like this) what do you do next?

Finished Kit with No Modifications Image


You can drive to 13987 Pioneer Rd Apple Valley CA 92307 and schedule a pick up at the factory door, and you can take your house frame and trailer, hook it up to your truck, and take it and modify, customize it however you want, or with whomever you want. Done deal.



You can also choose one of the many designs we have available, and request  free cuts for windows and doors in the kit shell. We will do this for free and your tiny house shell is normally available to pick up in an additional 24 hours. (1 day to do the cuts for you)

You give us your specs, and we will work to them for you!


If you already know what you intend to do with your ALPHA Tiny House KIT, and what you want is different than everything else available in our established options, than you can request a special customized cut for doors and windows at NO additional charge. We will make any cuts for you.

Eventually, we will have a form for "CUSTOM DESIGN CUTS" but for now, you can draw it out, and give it to us any way you like, and we'll accept it.


We have connections with many builders, and design experts if you want help designing your Tiny House, ...or you can search out and do your own custom design, it's completely up to you where you go next. We are just here to get you started on your path.

If you are new to this, there are many videos and's the new big thing. You can get free plans for many styles of custom houses on the internet. Anna White is just one of them. (the video on our home page) You can search out her free plans, or find others of your own, or you can actually design your own thing. You have much more freedom than with an actual house...and you will have lots of fun building your Tiny House project!

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